Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc – 100 Disc Spindle (FFP) – 97459

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100 high-grade non-rewritable DVD+R discs with a one hundred year archival life and OEM drive certified

Top Positive Review

Update Nov 2019: Verbatim was recently sold. In the last two years, I, like others have reported, have run into quality issues as they wound down there business model. They are still better than most of the major brands but not what they used to be.
These days, I use and recommend Falcon Premium dvd-r. Not the Pro, not the Dupliline, not the Basic. Make sure to get the Premium line.
I have had amazing results with the Falcon brand discs. They are a little more money but well worth it. Falcon is probably the last company making high quality optical discs out there. They are as good as the old Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs.

Old Review:
These are the best dvd+r’s out there. Top notch quality still. The accuracy, reflectivity, compatibility and longevity of these discs can not be beat. Over the years I have only ever had a few bad discs. These days, they all seem to be made at the Taiwan facility which is the highest quality optical media factory in the world at this point. I have not had a coaster in years now. I have many of these discs that are 11 to 14 years old and they have very little to no degradation. All play fine. All scan either the same as they did when they were made or with a very very slight increase in very correctable errors. In fact, they scan better than most other manufacturers discs when brand new and I expect them to last decades more. Just make sure to store them indoors, away from light and not near a heat or ac vent. Don’t worry about paying the high prices of M-Discs and gold discs (both of which have compatibility issues), these discs last. Make sure that your dvd drive is not wearing out. I have found the biggest problem over the years is in using a burner for too long. I have made the mistake in thinking that I had bad discs when it was really my drive getting old and not burning correctly. DVD drives’ lasers weaken over time and I have found that to be as large an issue in producing quality discs as disc quality. I have always found DVD+R better than -R although there are some that claim that there is no difference. +R does have more error correction and in my experience have less problems. Also, buy these branded ones, not the 8x Datalife Plus ones. Those are made in China at a lesser facility and Verbatim has a history of making much better 16x media than 8x.
The only other discs that compared to these were the Taiyo Yuden discs that were made in Japan. Now that they have closed that facility, Verbatim has no competition.

Top Critical Review

ORDERD May 2019
THESE are not writable as they claim I tried to put pictures on them I tried to put music on them I try to put home video of (graduation Friends ) IT SAYs not writable SCREEN SAY put a CD in that is writable/ readable Not Found?? WITH THIS “DVD-R” INSIDE THEN SLIDE DOOR POPS OPEN!
Not worth it .
Now I’m going to have to go somewhere else and spend more money for ones that do work and four ones that say what they do really do??
Window 10 HP.
I won’t ASK For A Replace or return

Customer Questions & Answers

is each disc 4.7 gigabytes?
Answer: yes 4.7 for me they are very good disc.

Does the 50 pack come with the spindle?
Answer: Yes, the DVDs are kept in place by the spindle. There is also a plastic dome over the DVDs.


How big are the disks?

There is a weird picture on the product page that appears to say the disks are 2 inches across. (!) There are such things as mini optical disks in the world but rarely sold like this. Perhaps the original question was about physical size (diameter) — not storage capacity.

Looking at all the other images and inform??

What is the difference between “Branded” and not?

Verbatim does not actually manufacture their own discs. They also use 2 different manufacturers that I am aware of. The superior quality Verbatim AZO discs, are manufactured by Mitsubishi, which should be the product on this page. The Verbatim DataLifePlus/DataLife Series are a lower quality product, manufactured by CM??

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Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc – 100 Disc Spindle (FFP) – 97459
Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc – 100 Disc Spindle (FFP) – 97459
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